Internship Teams

People at Hilton


A Hospitality Intern must have excellent communication and organizational skills, especially in writing reports and analyzing financial reports. The internship will involve on property training in several departments in both select service and full-service hotels as well as corporate level training in finance and hotel asset management. The intern will participate in high level meetings and financial analysis to better understand the ownership involvement and oversight of hotel assets.


A Finance Intern assists the work of a financial institution by getting hands-on education and experience in financial policies. He or she will be around for the development and implementation of payroll, budget control, accounting, and financial management practices.

Construction Crane


A Construction Manager/ Superintendent Intern oversees a construction site and its workers, ensuring efficiency in the workforce and overall operations. They work on the construction site to meet and coordinate with trade partners and on occasion, the design team. They manage the required workforce, identify and resolve issues, maintain daily reports and communication, and prioritize a safe work environment. Above all, they must see that all of the required protocols are met, including the target completion time, quality and budget.