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A finance intern generally provides basic assistance on the financial institution while learning of its operations and complexities. Finance interns should be highly attentive on observing processes, assessing financial reports, familiarizing on records management, and supporting data entry procedures. Financial internships provide the best training grounds for interns who wanted to pursue a career in the financial industry. Financial interns, depending on the organization, will be given regular work assignments to practice their analytical and statistical skills which are very crucial in the financial system industry.


  • Ensure office equipment run smoothly and properly and manage inventories, order equipment and supplies.
  • Manage administration of vendor accounts as well as creating and automating various business-specific reports.
  • Contribute solid communication skills in preparing and presenting new application documents that addressed the risk management needs of clients.
  • Perform all month-end closing activities with heavy usage software.
  • Research and reconcile monthly expense account allocations to report a proper amount in month-end statements.
  • Establish internal controls by creating digital documentation processes for purchase orders, invoices, expense reports, and payments.
  • Create monthly PowerPoint presentations illustrating business performance and goals.
  • Prepare property valuation cases using uniformity and income approaches.

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